Militarized oil fields in Uganda: The future of Human Rights

24 May

Over the last 5 years, the level of militarization in the oil regions of Uganda has increased. This increase is however worrying for human rights.

It was recently confirmed in a UN report that Heritage oil, a British company that was active in the Albertine region in 2007 triggered the killing of six civilians. The killings that happened on Lake Albert were orchestrated by the Uganda Military under the notion of a rescue mission.

This incident that has never been investigated or looked into by the Ugandan government of the army goes to show you the extent of disregard when it comes to how the military operates in the oil areas. Of course the oil companies in Uganda today say that they are critically following all procedures to make sure that they do not violate the human rights of the locals in the oil producing areas.

For a country like Uganda that is still grappling with the idea of the army being professional as asserted by the political leadership, this is bound to create fear in many locals. Therefore there is a lot to be done by the government to make sure human rights issues are given high regard as the 3 joint oil operators (Tullow, CNOOC and Total) move on to the next phase of their oil production quest.

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